Why Google+ Matters to You

You may have heard about Google’s recent launch of its social network, Google+. Besides having a terribly difficult name to type and punctuate, Google intends to make Google+ more than just a social network. In fact, Google is looking to make its entire search experience more social.

Google+ is radically different than any other social network out there. If you are not involved with any other social network yet, Google+ is the place to start. While the useage of Google+ is still fairly limited, early adopters can see an instant impact by using Google+. Why, because Google+ affects Google search results.

Until now, Google’s rankings were based off of a variety of factors. With the release of Google+, Google is encouraging users to click on a +1 button to share content with friends. A +1 is a the Google equivalent of a Facebook ‘like.’

Google searches are becoming increasingly personalized. Your search results may be radically different from that of a friend of yours, even though you searched for exactly the same thing. With the addition of Google+, Google has indicated its intention to integrate your friends’ activities on Google+ with your search results.

Google+ offers a powerful way to address an increasingly personalized Internet. You can now micro-target your Internet marketing efforts more than ever. Determine your target customers and then get their friends and other online contacts to interact with your Google+ page. Someday, you will not have to compete with a million other companies similar to yours. Rather, you will be able to target your efforts on users in your area who interact with your current fan base. If you have not yet signed up for a Google+ business page, click here https://plus.google.com/pages/create to get started.

Google May Penalize Ad Heavy Pages
(search engine land)

Have you ever encountered an ad-heavy page, where you struggled to find the actual content on that page? Google is looking at penalizing those in its search results.

Social Media Lessons From the Real World

(convince and convert)

I have recently become fascinated by the way that people who don’t work in social media use social. Here are three ways I’ve started listening to and learning from those outside the social media bubble.

Scenes from a Google Hangout
(social media today)

I now know that using Google+ Hangout is fairly easy and even the technological rookie shouldn’t have much difficulty using it but just in case, here is a step-by-step guide to how Google+ Hangouts work.

Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd
(Learn More)

If you want more business, you have to find a way to stand out. From website design to SEO and pay-per-click to marketing strategy, let Webmix Marketing help your business stand out from the crowd.

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