What is Social Media

Social media is simply creating and sharing content, and it has been around for a long time. Do you remember the time you and your friends called in to your local radio station trying to win tickets to a local rock concert? Well, that was social media. If you have ever received a newspaper clipping, like a cartoon or interesting headline, from a friend, then that was social media too. Slapping a Pink Floyd bumper sticker on the bumper of your new Volvo or scratching I heart Taylor Swift in the boys bathroom are further examples of social media.

In some aspects, social media has changed. Technologies like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, FourSquare, Reddit, and Google Plus have changed the way people interact. Now, instead of showing the love for your favorite band by slapping a 99-cent bumper sticker on your $20,000 car, you can post all of their music videos on your Facebook page. Rather than mailing a funny Sunday comic to your dad, you can send it to him through Twitter.

In the midst of this change, some people have tried to rewrite the rules of marketing. This had led to some deadly misperceptions like “Social Media marketing doesn’t provide a financial return, it’s all about interaction” and “You can’t measure the impact of social media marketing.”

The fruit of these misconceptions are companies that pour thousands of dollars into social media campaigns without any idea of what return, if any, they are going to get. These companies become enamored with the tools of social media and forget to focus on sales. Companies forget to measure the expenses and returns of social media campaigns, and as a result, do not know which were truly successful and which to replicate in the future.

What does social media mean for you?
Social media means cheap marketing. Most social media tools are free, and real social media marketing experts can quickly and easily get your company up and running on any social media platform.

Social media may change the way you communicate with your customers. This is a good thing. Social media allows you to have a better understanding of how your customers feel. While some customer feedback may be negative, it is important to respond in a positive light and see if there is anything constructive in a customer’s criticism.

You do not have to be a social media expert to run a successful social media marketing campaign. You have been engaged through social media since you were a kid (think back to the Pink Floyd bumper sticker). The only things that have really changed are the tools of social media. Simply apply the tried and true principals of social media that you have used throughout your life and you will see success in your next campaign.

Twelve Social Media Trends for 2012
(Bailey Gardiner)

The truth is, you cannot really predict what will happen next week in social media, but nonetheless here are 12 predictions and thoughts we have going into 2012.

5 Steps to Building Great Small-Biz Marketing Content


Content is a major aspect of anything a local business attempts to do online—in fact, without content, you have nothing. Whether it’s a one liner for a microblog or comment response, 500 words for an article, 250 words for a blog, website copy, or landing page sales copy, you must have content to succeed, and not just any content, but strong, clear, and interesting content that captivates your audience.

Marketers post on social media when they are at work instead of when their audience is listening.
(Argyle Social)

To every social media marketer who has ever wanted to answer the question “What is the best time to tweet?” this post is for you.

Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd
(Learn More)

If you want more business, you have to find a way to stand out. From website design to SEO and pay-per-click to marketing strategy, let Webmix Marketing help your business stand out from the crowd. 

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