What is a Title Tag?

What is a title tag?
A title tag is the HTML code that tells the title of a webpage. Every page on your site has its own HTML code, and each page also has its own title. This title is important because it tells search engines like Google what a specific site is about. When you search a term on Google, the listed results are actually just an accumulation of title tags. For example:
Title Tags

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines like Google and Yahoo, there are two important things to remember.

First, give every page on your website a unique title tag.  If you do not, your page will default to whatever was your page’s file name.  Forgetting to title a page leaves it with a title tag like ‘untitled’ or ‘index,’ which are completely worthless to search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Be sure to give each page a unique title tag.  It is okay if the title tags on your site do not match.  In fact, if you give every page the same title tag, you are creating pages that have no chance of standing out on the web.

Second, think about what your target market is searching online.  If you are a local CPA, consider including the city or state name in your title (eg. “Johnson Brothers: Cincinnati’s Best CPA Firm”).  Some fantastic sites absolutely botch their title tag by being too broad.  A dentist office that gives its homepage the title tag ‘Dentistry’ is not using the title tag to its full potential.  Be willing to use your company’s name in the title tag.

Remember, be unique and be specific.  A title tags is one of the most powerful ways to raise your company’s Google rank, and it also happens to be one of the easiest.

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