The Tim Tebow Effect

The New England Patriots pulled no punches in its obliteration of Tim Tebow’s Denver Broncos. A clearly superior team and quarterback were more than sufficient to advance past the Broncos, one step closer to the Super Bowl. Of course, it was something of a miracle that the Denver Broncos were even in the playoffs. How is it that a team destined to mediocrity could grab the NFL spotlight and shine as a Super Bowl contender?

Fans give credit to a certain talisman quarterback by the name of Tim Tebow. Others cite a powerful defense that could hold up under pressure. But there is another, more powerful factor underlying the Denver Broncos’ surprise winning streak … unity. Team unity is built on three pillars; a common goal, shared responsibility, and a fiery leader. All groups, from pest management companies to marketing agencies to football teams, can stand out from the crowd by building on these pillars.

Common Goal

Many teams do not work together towards a common goal. When individuals work towards advancing their own goals without a team perspective, they end up working against each other. Consider the potential of people like LeBron James, Randy Moss, and Keyshawn Johnson to see how detrimental selfish distractions can be to a team’s success.

Build unity in your company by aligning everyone around a common goal. Zappos does an excellent job at this by ensuring that every member of the Zappos team understands the company’s commitment to customer service. You can rouse your team by building up a common goal like customer referrals, fast work, or professionalism.

Shared Responsibility
Tim Tebow passes the ball. What is more, Tim Tebow passes the ball a lot. Great leaders learn how to trust their coworkers and to share responsibility with them. Do you continually find employees asking you mundane obvious questions? Perhaps you have micromanaged a bit too much in the past. Step back and let others on your team make critical decisions. This will build their enthusiasm for the company, and it will keep them on their toes at work. When employees know that their decisions matter, their work will improve.

A Fiery Leader
Say what you like about the brashness of the Bronco’s quarterback, but his enthusiasm is contagious. It may have been Tebow’s outspokenness that awoke his team from their 5-year losing slumber. Inspire your company by showing excitement and passion. Many leaders love their teams and they work hard every day, but then they fail to show their excitement. Let out the fierceness in you and show your team that you REALLY do want to achieve your goals.

What the merging of Google+ and Google Search means to SEO

What I’ll call the “Great Google Convergence” continued yesterday as Google announced that they would be merging their Google+ (G+) data into personalized search results.
On the surface, this appears to be a desperate play by Google to make sure its social networking experiment, G+, gains more traction. However, I don’t think Google is desperate at all—and this isn’t just about their social network. Google knows exactly what they’re doing with G+: I think they’re using it to unify their products, get people dependent on the Google Bar without even realizing it and, of course, change the way people find information in Search. And most importantly, all of this gives Google data.

What can’t be solved with money?

(A smart bear)

Some problems in business can be solved with money; many cannot.

Cadbury UK Uses Google+ for Product Launch

“Remember this moment: the first time Cadbury revealed a new product on Google+,” the brand wrote on its Google+ Page Wednesday afternoon. “The delicious new Dairy Milk Bubbly, available with milk or white bubbles [pictured], will be the first of many we hope!”

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