The Ochocinco Opportunity

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you exhausted from running around telling your employees how to do their jobs? Managing the day-to-day operations of a company is exhausting. In fact, it can be so exhausting that many managers lose some of their best performers in all of the hustle.

Take the New England Patriots and their ‘should have been’ superstar Chad Ochocinco as an example. Ochocinco was on top of his game for eleven years with the Cincinnati Bengal’s, enjoying weekly appearances on ESPN’s highlight reels. With the New England Patriots, Ochocinco has ridden the bench throughout most of this season. Even an appearance in the Super Bowl was not enough to prompt any heroics or unbelievable highlights for Ochocinco. This is unusual for the 6’1” 192 pound six time pro bowler. When asked by a reporter why he had not been able to make an impact during the season, Chad Ochocinco pointed to his inability to grasp his team’s playbook.

At the start of the day, many managers look at their schedule and feel like they are being asked to swallow an elephant. They have their eyes on so many projects that they lose focus. Managers often end up not acting at all or running around like they have lost their head. All the while, these managers are not taking time to train and incentivize their top talent. What, then, do you do when you realize that you have to eat an elephant? You take one bite at a time.

Step 1
Identify your top performers. If some are sitting on the sideline, learn why. Like the New England Patriots, a big portion of your budget is spent retaining key individuals in your company. Do not waste your money! Give these players the resources that they need to help you take your company to the next level. If you do not make a change now, then you run the risk of losing your top performers to your competitors.

Step 2
Make use of your off-season. Most industries, like the NFL, have an off-season. Just because you may not be doing a lot of business does not mean that you should not be busy. Use your off-season to catch up on in-house issues, document company processes, build up a company playbook, and train your employees in the company’s best practices. No doubt some of your competitors already take advantage of the off-season to get an edge on the industry. If you do not make use of this time, you will get passed up by companies that do.

Step 3
Work. It can be hard to get up and get things done. This is not because you are lazy, but rather is a result of the following:

  • Fear of the unknown
  • Lack of a structured schedule
  • Lack of accountability

Spend time with successful individuals who have accomplished goals similar to the ones that you are trying to reach. This will not only teach you how to confront certain challenges, it will also show you that you can succeed. Write out your daily schedule. Once you have made this a habit, start writing out weekly, monthly, and bi-annual schedules. Finally, set specific goals and work with others in your company to follow up on those goals. By getting up and getting things done, you can feel accomplished and successful at the end of every day. Work leads to success, and when your top performers see you putting in more than your share of sweat, they will emulate you.

Once again, point out your top talent. Give these individuals whatever tools they need to succeed and contribute to your organization. Your company’s down time is not down time at all. It is a valuable training opportunity for you and all of your employees. Overcome whatever obstacles are blocking you from giving 100% on the job, and use your efforts to raise the expectations of your entire company.

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