How the Internet is Killing SOPA

On October 26th 2011, Republican representative from Texas’ 21st congressional district introduced the SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. The acts intent was to protect intellectual property, particularly from foreign websites that did not follow US copyright laws. Opponents saw SOPA as a breach of the 1st amendment and a significant threat to the neutrality of the Internet. On January 18th 2012, Wikipedia, Reddit and several other networks blacked out in protest of the proposed act. Over 160 million Internet users saw Wikipedia’s blackout protest that day, and Google collected over 7 million petition signatures that were sent to local representatives. Finally, on the 20th of January 2012, Congress effectively shelved SOPA.

Clearly online networks are powerful. Leveraging your Internet network gives you the freedom to accomplish the impossible, as the opponents of SOPA learned this January. You can also leverage your online network. All it takes is a little reaching out. The most powerful resource to manage and grow your Internet network is LinkedIn.

Get on LinkedIn
If you have not already created a profile on LinkedIn, you can get started now. All you need is an email address. Having an established LinkedIn profile gives you credibility and is a convenient way for you to keep track of the people that you meet at conferences or with clients.

Get Connected
When you are logged in to LinkedIn, you will see a button in the top right corner that says “Add Connections.”    Get Connections

Follow LinkedIn’s instructions to add your email contacts on LinkedIn.
Add Emails on LinkedIn

LinkedIn will allow you to go through your contacts and choose those that you would like to add. Most LinkedIn users are hesitant to connect with those individuals that most intimidate them. This is a mistake, because these are generally the same individuals that are the most valuable to have in ones network. If you want to connect with someone, and you are worried that person may not remember you, include a personal note of introduction.

Get Active
Find popular LinkedIn groups that match your industry. This is easy to do by searching for terms or associations in your industry in the Groups search bar. Join relevant groups and then get active. Answer user questions. Pose any questions that come to your mind. The more involved you are with other group members, the more relationships you will build. Once you have begun to build a LinkedIn network, share content that solidifies your place as leader in your industry. You can do this by sharing blog posts, starting your own LinkedIn group, or by giving advice and sharing information with key connections.

Some people mock LinkedIn as a time wasting Facebook for business professionals. The reality, however, is that LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can augment, if not replace, your out-of-date Rolodex. Invest time into your online network by sharing your expertise, and you will find a community willing and able to help you move forward in your career and company goals.

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