Quick Marketing Tip: Have you claimed your Google Places listing?

How many of you have claimed your Google Places listings? Our research shows that close to 90% of businesses have yet to claim their Google Places listing. By not claiming your listing you are risking a couple things:

1) Lost business opportunities

2) A sarky competitor redirecting the URL to his website or phone number to his number.

3) A less than ethical marketing firm grabbing your listing and selling it to you. (This is against Google’s rules but no one there will take your phone call to fix it). Here is a good example of a guy who had this happen but refused to pay:


Talk about the definition of a crappy day!

To claim your Google Places listing go to:


Click on the “Get Started” button under the “Get your business found on Google”

You should also gather a couple things about your business before you go out to do this.

A) Write a short description of your services and company. Don’t forget to use certain keywords such as “Cleveland pest control” or “Phoenix bee removal” in this description. **BE NATURAL** in the way you write this though. Using these keyphrases is important to help you rank for that area and phrase.

B) A web ready version of your logo and some pictures of key people, jobs, etc. The pictures should be no bigger than 1024 x 1024 pixels and under 1 MB in size.

C) Knowledge of things like your website URL, hours of operation, primary phone number, payment options.

D) Be able to answer a phone call via the number you’ve entered in the Google Places listing. Google will call you on that number and ask you to input a code via your phone. You can also have them mail you a post card but this takes forever.

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