Marketing Strategy

Move your company forward

Having a website or sending out a bunch of postcards doesn’t mean you are marketing effectively. Successful marketing begins with solid planning backed by rigorous tracking, creativity and continual testing. Our marketing experts formulate a metrics based plan and help you select the right tools to maximize results.

Marketing is arguably the most important task that any business has to perform but most business owners are inundated with other things to do. They also frequently don’t know where to begin and unfortunately, there are countless other marketing agencies out there that care more about their bottom line than yours.

Webmix Marketing is different. We choose our clients just as much as our clients choose us. We work only with businesses who want to grow and be successful. We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to ensure they are successful. As a part of engaging with Webmix Marketing we:

  • Provide a comprehensive marketing plan that details what we will do and how we will do it.
  • Provide a financial forecast as to the impact of our marketing in relationship to your business.
  • Recommend vendors appropriate for you and help you avoid the snake oil salesmen

Ultimately this process is about getting to know your company better by knowing its strengths and weaknesses in relationship to your market and how to deploy your scarce resources to grow your business.