Direct Mail

Connect with your customers

When mixed together with modern tracking and your online presence, direct mail works. We know where your prospective customers live and are able to send them the offers that turn prospects into customers.

Our direct mail services are more than a piece of mail — they have to be different given the large volume of commercial mail people receive. Our research also shows that consumers are combining their purchases with internet based research about your business and product.

The Webmix approach is to combine direct mail with your website or small microsite and a personalized URL. Traditional approaches to direct mail result in low response rates and little insight as to the true impact of the mailing. The Webmix approach enables to not only lift response rates well above the industry average of 2% but we also are able to segment the mailing into three groups:

1) Consumers who responded to the mailing
2) Consumers who looked at the mailing and did not act
3) Consumers who failed to respond at all

With this segmentation, we are able to provide additional messages to each segment that is appropriate to their response and drive additional responses