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Your 5-Point Checkup

It seems that everything is being occupied these days. From Wall Street, to the Pope, to South Park’s occupying of the bathroom, nowhere is safe. Many businesses do a poor job of occupying the Internet and are missing out on valuable leads and sales. Take this 5-point checkup below and see how well your company is occupying the Internet.

Get Listed on the Directories
1) My business has clamed it’s local listings on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing local, and InsiderPages. (1 point for yes)

Get your company on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, and InsiderPages. While this is easy to do, our research shows that close to 90% of businesses have yet to claim their Google Places listing. For help on claiming your Google Places listing, visit Webmix Marketing. Also consider registering with YellowPages, CitySearch, TripAdvisor, and UrbanSpoon.

Clean up Your Website
2) My company website includes a call to action, lead capture form, and up-to-date prices and photos. (3 points for yes)

Does your website have a call to action? Do you use your site to capture leads and generate sales? Are your product offerings and prices and company photos up to date? A well planned website has the power to propel your company ahead past your competition. Consider starting a company blog, where you can showcase your industry expertise every week.

Update Your Profile Photo
3) I have an updated professional self-photograph included on my company’s site and on my LinkedIn profile page. (2 points for yes)

I am sure that you were a real hit back in 1972 with your baby blue 3-piece suite, but your high school senior photo is not going to win you any business. Put on a new suite and tie, and get a professional photograph. Include this photo on your company’s website and on your individual LinkedIn profile. Your potential customers want to feel comfortable with you, so show them who you are and that you are a professional.

Optimize Your Site’s SEO
4) I know that my site is optimized for Google searches. (1 point for yes)

Make sure that your site is optimized for phrases that your customers are searching. You do not have to be content with the number of visitors your site is receiving. Do the basics of SEO. Ensure that your website’s content, particularly its page titles, image file names, and URL’s, is relevant to what your company’s target market is searching.

Interact Using Social Media
5) My company sends out a weekly or monthly email to our contacts that includes a link to the company website. (2 points)

6) My company uses Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, but has not seen any results. We keep using these mediums the same way regardless. (minus 3 points)

Engage your current and potential customers using social media. You can do this through weekly email newsletters, Facebook contests, unique tweets, and entertaining YouTube videos. While many “social media experts” poo-po email and email marketing, it still works! Develop an e-mail newsletter that gets consistently sent out. Finally, and most importantly, measure everything! Keep an eye on your bottom line as you interact. Every social media activity needs to positively contribute to your company’s bottom line.

How did your company do?

10 points : You’re company is well on its way for a successful new year.

7-10 points : Good job. It looks like there are a few areas where your company can improve, but once you jump on those you will sail forward into 2012.

4-7 points : Uh-oh. This does not look good. Sounds like its time to forward this email around the office and get everyone on board to make some changes.

1-4 points : It is when you are at your lowest that you can make the biggest impact. Get going, times are a-changing and you can lead the way!

>1 point : I just hope you are not in the negatives. Give me a call and let me help you get things figured out.     Lee Gientke | 805.455.7415

Why Your Small Business Should Hangout on Google+


The power to connect your brand or business to Google’s search engine is undeniable. The +1 button allows you to track who is connecting and sharing your content across the web. According to Christian Oestlian, head of social advertising at Google, it’s all about “marrying the power of personal recommendations with the immediacy and power of recommendation on Google search.” In other words, say someone is searching for a café in their city. Your brand could pop up if someone in their network had +1’d it.

7 Reasons You’re Not Generating Leads From Social Media


Social media is a great inbound marketing tool that allows businesses and marketing teams to interact with prospects, cater to customers, promote their content, and yes, generate leads. When a business uses social media right, prospective customers have the opportunity to access great content and information via a platform they already populate and actually want to gather said content and information.

12 Things To Do Before 2012

Today, kicks off the last three work weeks of the year. In addition to landing those key contracts and commitments and getting those holiday cards in the mail, it’s time to get your house in order in your small business. You want to be organized and ready to do business heading to the new year. As small business owners, we do not get lots of time off. It is important for us to prioritize tasks to manage all that we juggle on a daily basis. In order to get things started off right in the New Year; I need to add a few more things to your to do list.

Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd
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If you want more business, you have to find a way to stand out. From website design to SEO and pay-per-click to marketing strategy, let Webmix Marketing help your business stand out from the crowd. 

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