Now That Was Scary

October 26, 2011

What People are Saying…

"Be Afraid . . . Be Very Afraid"
Geena Davis | The Fly

Frightening Reviews

Online reviews matter. What is more, online reviews matter a lot. According to Techspot, “negative online reviews change 80% of shoppers’ minds.” In honor of Jack-o-Lanterns and creepy costumes, we have put together a compilation of spooky Halloween online reviews for small companies across the United States. Read them at your own discretion, and then ask yourself, “What is being said about me?”

First | Salt Lake City, Utah | Salon

“Places like this really give the whole industry a bad name. Anyone that is considering going here really think twice before going. Places like this need to shut down or lose significant business to change.”

Second | New York, New York | Gyro Shop

“Please, please avoid this place unless you’re really starving and just need something to sustain your body…the gyros are pretty gross. I just happened to be walking by this place on a Saturday night when most other things in the area are closed – I thought it couldn’t be that bad…gyros are pretty simple meals, but they still managed to make this one not great…it wasn’t anything specific, I guess it just didn’t have very much flavor and tasted kind of old.”

Third | Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Coffeehouse

“But while I was sitting here on a Sunday afternoon, working at my laptop for 4 hours, one of the employees here, by the name of Nick – a heavy set kid with a curly beard continuously sneezed big wet sneezes the entire time. He never went to the restroom, and not once did he use a tissue on his leaky nose. He blocked his sneezes with his hands, then wiped his hands on his apron and pants, then touched coffee cups, muffins, handles…”

Fourth | Minneapolis, Minnesota | Thrift Shop

“I have never had a good experience at –. I was just there again, and was reminded how much more fun it is to go to a really big thrift/vintage store and search for good deals at truly low prices rather than going to a trendy vintage store in Uptown and picking up something that was selected for me and marked up in price.”

Fifth | Chicago, Illinois | French Restaurant

“Skip it! Food was uneventful, spacing between courses way off and decor/ambiance is lacking. I counted three people dozing off at their tables. Your time and money better spent elsewhere.”

Bonus | Lansdowne, Pennsylvania | State Farm Agent

After canceling a contract with a company, one unfortunate agent found his Google Places listing littered with pictures of poo. It took weeks to get these pictures removed, and all the while, this suffering agent had to deal with his Places photo surrounded by nasty images.

Manage your company’s online reputation. Create a process that applies to EVERY customer contact. In this process, follow up with customers after the initial contact, after a sale, and after a service has been performed. Ask these customers how you are doing. This gives unhappy customers a place to express their dissatisfaction. Find and track comments on local listings like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Bing Local, Insider Pages, and Super Pages. When you do find negative comments, keep your cool. Wait at least 24 hours and then respond. Address every legitimate concern and apologize publicly when fitting.

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