Marketing Coordinator

The Webmix Marketing Marketing Coordinator is responsible for the execution and coordination of a variety of internal marketing campaigns. Specifically, the Marketing Coordinator is responsible for:

** Developing and publishing the Webmix Wednesday email newsletter once per week. Duties associated with this task include developing the editorial calendar, writing a related feature article, sourcing related material and publishing it to the Webmix Marketing email list.

** Identifying, soliciting and confirming speaking engagements for Webmix Marketing staff. Duties associated with this task are researching conferences, trade shows and other events related to Webmix Marketing and the industries it operates in, soliciting event planners for the purpose of inviting Webmix Marketing staff to speak at related conferences and confirming such invitations.

** Managing and growing Webmix Marketing and select client social media accounts with a specific focus on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Specific duties include writing tweets, status updates or other content so as to engage and grow the relevant accounts.

** Identifying, soliciting and booking writing, guest blogging and other publication opportunities for Webmix Marketing staff. Duties include online research and contacting relevant publishers and blog owners.

** On an as needed basis, the Marketing Coordinator may be assigned and/or called upon to assist with client specific marketing tasks as assigned by supervisor.

Preferred Skills for the Marketing Coordinator

 The marketing coordinator will have outstanding writing and oral communications skills. They will be familiar with and ideally personally active with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and/or blogging. Additionally, they will have superior research and Internet skills and familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite of products.

A degree (or in progress) in communications, marketing or business is required.