How to KO the Competition

Blow out the Competition

Every company is getting online, and tomorrow’s small and medium businesses will be those that build great websites today. Do not underestimate the power of the web to transform your company’s brand, increase your leads and sales, or bring down your expenses. Leverage your site to make it a contributing asset that is poised to carry your company into the future.

How do you leverage your site? By following a few simple guidelines, you can change your site from an ineffective page on the Internet to a page that will blow out your competition.

5 Website Tips to Blow Out the Competition

• Provide Easy to Find Contact Information

The Red Palm Villas, a beautiful Costa Rican resort, uses its site to make it easy for potential customers to contact management. Notice the phone number in bold on the right hand side of the header and the ‘contact us’ link on the left hand side. Include your mailing address and Internet contact information to further benefit your visitors. What do customers do when they cannot find contact information on a website? They leave.

Red Palm Villas Contact Information

• Update Your Site

Does your site still look like a MySpace page from the 90’s? Update your site with a new layout and modern colors. Company changes like logos, pricing, location or tagline ought to be updated online as well. Keep all of your content relevant to the company and what the company does. Update your ad copy regularly to keep the site fresh and relevant. Include a name and photo of the person that the potential customer will meet if they decide to go with your service. This will give your company an appearance of establishment and professionalism.

MySpace's Website in the 90's

• Give Your Site a Consistent Brand

Powerful company sites tell visitors what the company is about, what they do or sell, and why they are the best choice for the visitor. One of the reasons that Nike is such a household name is its consistency. Notice Nike’s site below. Nike’s core is all about shoes, and what do you see on Nike’s homepage? Shoes. Nike’s gray swoosh and orange trim are prevalent. There is no question that this is Nike’s site. Consider your own company’s site. Do you make visitors guess whose site they are on, or is your logo, name, and colors clear throughout your website? Are those things consistent? Do you highlight the company’s strength on the homepage? Also include an ‘About’ page. Interested visitors who want to understand your company will visit your ‘About’ page to find out what you do and who are your key players.

Nike's Homepage

• Add a Lead-capture Form

Admiral Pest Control cuts right to the chase and provides a lead capture form on their homepage. The form on the right hand site of their homepage below allows them to gather contact emails and phone numbers. Admiral Pest Control can build a powerful database of high potential leads.

Admiral Pest Control's Lead Capture Form

• Include a Call to Action

Tell visitors to your site what to do. Webmix Marketing gives users a direct call to action the moment they hit the homepage. Visitors are invited to sign up for the “Webmix enews” or sign up for Webmix Marketing’s services. Visitors do not have to work hard to begin working with Webmix Marketing. Most visitors to your site do not stay there very long, so make sure that your call to action stands out.

Webmix Marketing's Call to Action

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