I Had a Party But Nobody Came

Why it Matters
The 21st Century might someday be known as the age of social networks. From Facebook’s launch in 2004 to Pinterest’s closed beta arrival in 2010, social networks have changed the way the world works. With so many social networks in the mix, why should anyone pay attention to the emergence of one of the most recent networks, Google+? Google recently announced that 150 million people had ‘upgraded’ to Google+ in the last year. Facebook and Twitter took years to bring on just 20 million users, while Google+ does this monthly. For Google+ the numbers are there, but the interactivity is lacking.

What Google+ Can Do For You
As a Google product, Google+ has the ability to directly affect Google search results. This is a big deal for companies hoping to get noticed online. Google search takes into account Google+ posts, something that Google does not do for Facebook posts or Twitter feeds. Companies can leverage talk about their products or services into higher search rankings by moving those conversations to Google+. Another advantage of using Google+ over Facebook for small businesses is the ability Google+ gives to segment messages to different audiences. This allows companies to focus their marketing messages to specified audiences in a way that they never could before.

What Google+ Will Not Do For You
Google+ is a party that Google threw but no one attended. The chatter on the social network is often non-existent, enveloping its users in loneliness, depression, and an acute sense of rejection. In fact, Google+’s time on site fell from 5.1 minutes in November down to 3.3 minutes in January. Google+ is not likely to increase the chatter around your brand, introduce your company to new customers, or give you greater access to your current customers. Google+ does not allow companies to initiate a relationship with other Google+ users; rather individuals must find and connect with a company’s Google+ page on their own. Google+ is also very compartmentalized, which makes it difficult for users to browse topics and happen to run across an appealing brand.

A Look at Who is Doing it Right
Is there anyone out there actually using Google+ to grow his or her company? Photographers, possibly Google+’s largest niche demographic, have established a strong presence in the search engine’s social network. This has opened up all sorts of opportunities for the photo industry on Google+. JarvieDigital Photography is one such success story. By sharing his best work and plugging in to conversations on Google+, Scott Jarvie has both grown his clientele and gained a reputation as a thought leader in his industry.

Another small business Google+ success is Best Made Company, a tool company focused on providing outdoorsmen with a better axe. Best Made Company has used its Google+ page to share outdoor photos, YouTube videos, inspiring stories and statements, and Dutch oven recipes. The result? Over 125,000 followers on Google+, higher Google rankings, and more customers.

Be Inspired by Technology, Not Irritated by It
(Bruce Clay, Inc)

Got a few minutes to be inspired by technology today? Can’t stomach another how-to post or dramatic Google-focused news story — or is that just me? Monday started off feeling a bit more “Mondayish” than I would have liked, and I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way (quiet down, eternal optimists). If you’re anything like me, it’s easy to become caught up in the details of this tactic or that strategy to the point of losing sight of the bigger picture. That’s why I love TED Talks and it’s also why I love technology — because it’s part of something bigger … even if I have to be reminded ever so often. Today, I found the inspiration I needed in some very moving, tech-focused stories via TED Talks, and I wanted to share those with you.

95% Of Independent Restaurants Don’t Have Mobile Sites, Only 40% Have Online Menus

Restaurants just love to put Flash intros with auto-playing music and animations on their front pages. If you are trying to look at one of these sites on your mobile browser without Flash, chances are there is no way to bypass the animation and get to the information you want because the complete site was designed in Flash.

Embracing Your Extrovert in Business
(outspoken media)

I am an extrovert. You might be as well. And, if you’re not an extrovert, you probably have to communicate with one in business and in life. What follows is a deeper understanding of this gift of gab in the hope that extroverts can find the focus we need to accomplish great things, and introverts can learn to manage your expectations when faced with communicating with one of us.

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