Gientke Marketing is Now Webmix Marketing

I’m excited to announce that Gientke Marketing has changed its name to Webmix Marketing! For the last 5 years, Gientke Marketing has delivered high quality marketing solutions for businesses and over the last year and a half, the company has become more than a single person. We’ve added staff, codified processes and become even more focused on our clients.

Some people have asked me, why “Webmix Marketing”? Well three reasons:

1) I believe it accurately says what we do. We mix together the best of online marketing, website design and direct mail to create outstanding marketing for our clients.

2) Well my last name isn’t the easiest to pronounce or spell. Telling people to send an e-mail to lee at was a deft dance consisting of phonetics and repeats.  Many clients have heard my joke about if I ever ran for political office, I’m changing my name to Smith.

3) Changing our name is also an acknowledgment that this company has grown bigger than a single person. Our team had a chance to weigh in and help with the selection.

Ultimately, and despite the name change, we are committed to one thing: out clients’ success. We will always work with our clients’ best interests as we know they are making conscious decisions between growing their business or taking a trip to Vegas. While we’d like to say we’d love to join our clients on their trips to Vegas, our job is to help businesses grow through effective marketing practices.

If you have any questions about Gientke Marketing or Webmix Marketing, contact me directly at lee at or call us at (805) 455-7415.

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