Fishing, Facebook, and Google+

Fish Where There are Fish

Many people find great satisfaction in the outdoor sport of fishing. Men and women will spend hours tying flies, sitting in a raft, or driving to some lone lake in the middle of nowhere. While these fishers take great care to have the most up-to-date supplies and techniques, their most important decision will be where and what they fish. As the saying goes, they must fish where there are fish, and they have to be pursuing the right species.
Marketing, like fishing, pushes men and women to utilize the most up-to-date supplies and techniques. It is also imperative to know who your target customers are and to market to them.

Pursue Your Target Market

Before conducting any marketing campaign, set measurable ROI goals. Then ask yourself, “Who are your target customers? Where are they online? Why are they online? Who are their friends online?” Delve into these questions and you will find more potent ways to reach your potential customers than broad sweeping campaigns. Get links on to the sites that your target customers visit the most, show off your product’s hottest features on their favorite blogs, and get their friends talking by giving them free product samples. As you do this, be able to measure all of your marketing efforts. Dropping your line where your target customers are gathered will bring you the customers that you want at a cost that is easy on your budget.

Your High Rate of Return
It is quite natural to assume that more hits to your website will bring more sales. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, like in fishing, you may be fishing where lots of fish are but if your bait isn’t for that type of fish, you’ll probably walk home empty handed. If you’ve done your research correctly and the content on your site reflects what you sell, most of the hits to your website hopefully come from people who are considering buying your products. Since they probably do not stumble across your site on accident, you have a high ratio of individuals who come to your site and buy your product online.

If It Falls in Your Lap, Great
Letting your click/purchase ratio fall is fine, if a remarkable (and cheap/free) opportunity comes knocking at your door. Let’s say, for example, that Forbes wanted to publish a full-page article about your company. Only a fool would shy away from the free attention. Remember that it may not be worth the $75,000 to run a full-page ad in Forbes. It is a good rule of thumb, though, to target your marketing efforts strictly to the customers that you want to buy your product.

Marketers that use powerful tools in the best of ways win when they fish where there are fish. Balance your desire to be seen by tons of new people with the importance of targeting a specific demographic that fits your product. Instead of a video that brings one million new hits to your website, become known within your particular target market. Get your current customers talking about you to their friends. This is effective marketing. Remember, the more precise your marketing, the less money you will have to spend for the same, or better, results.

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