Don’t Get Caught by Surprise

What happens when you do not know your audience? When you are speaking to the wrong customer, you are likely to get caught by surprise and taken for a ride … like this guy.

Man Flipped by Car

What is Your Target Market?Determine to whom you are trying to sell. If you are selling pest management, then determine if your main customers are realtors, college students, landlords, or families. Drill deeper. If you are selling to landlords, determine if you are focusing on low budget or high budget properties. Are you selling to landlords with one property or to large property management companies? Base your target market off of where you believe you can find the most profitable and highest mass of customers. Look to the future. Your targeted market today may well determine the actual market in six to eight months. Ensure that your target market matches your company and its values. For example, a pest company that specializes in environmentally friendly pet management will want to target customers with a desire for environmentally friendly pest management. Do not waste time advertising products that do not matter to your target customers.

Target Your Marketing Channels?Once you have established a target market you can begin targeting your marketing channels. Look at all of the different channels through which you currently market your services. Consider billboards, radio advertisements,, Craigslist, television commercials, newspaper classifieds, social media and print advertisements. was looking to promote a pest management blog post through Pinterest. To do so, they pinned an image of a praying mantis gorging himself (or herself) on a tasty juicy cicada. Needless to say, this campaign has gone nowhere. Why, because it was aimed at the wrong audience. Know the markets that your marketing channels reach and act appropriately.

Target Your Product and Service OfferingsHyper focus your products and services to your target market. If you are looking to sell pest management services to large property management companies, be sure that you offer consistent treatments that are easily called upon by tenants. If you are aiming your services at environmentally conscious mothers, ensure that you offer safe, green, and effective services.

The Most Overrated Social Media Metric
(Convince & Convert)

Do you sell advertising on your website? No? Then why are you so excited about your website traffic?

Wikipedia Appears on Google More Than on Bing
(Search Engine Land)

A new study suggests that Wikipedia gets better visibility on Google than it does on Bing. While that may not surprise much of the SEO industry, it contradicts what some Google employees have previously said, as well as another recent study on Wikipedia’s search visibility.

CBS Connects Social TV Platform Wants to Connect Fans and Stars
(TNW) has just launched a social TV platform called ‘CBS Connect‘, Lost Remotereports. According to the media company, its new site aims to be “a new social hub connecting fans with each other and CBS stars.”

Make Your Business Stand Out From the Crowd
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