Build the Ultimate Sales Force

Your company’s most powerful sales force is right under your nose. In fact, you interact with your top salespeople every day in many different ways. This force is your customer base. So, how effectively are you training this massive sales team? Are you providing this force with proper tools, or are you leaving your customers to fend for themselves? Smart companies empower their customers as sales people. There are three simple steps to supporting your most powerful sales force.

Step 1
Provide Your Customers with an Unforgettable Experience

No customer is ever going to refer a service that did not stand out in his or her mind as fantastic. Being ‘good enough’ will not build a customer sales force for your company. Treat every customer with care and professionalism, always looking for opportunities to stand out and go the extra mile. Every customer is unique, so be conscientious of their individual needs and intentions in regards to your company. Remember, no customer is ever going to refer you to a friend just because you did your job. Referrals take a little bit more.

Step 2
Teach Your Sales Team How to Evangelize Your Company

First off, open a Google Places account. It may also be worthwhile to register your business under other online review sites like Yahoo Local, Bing Local, or Yelp. Be forward in asking your satisfied customers to review your company on these sites. Having your customers share their reviews on these sites adds credibility to your company, reinforces your customers’ positive experiences, and gives your customers a little practice at selling your company’s services.

Step 3
Give Your Sales Team the Tools it Needs to Succeed

Create a referral system so that your company knows how to respond to customer referrals. Give your customers an Internet link, a business card, or a referral card with a phone number so that your customers have some way to refer their friends. Many of your most willing sales people may go on and on telling their friends about your company, but those friends need to know how to respond to their friend’s positive talk. Provide direction by giving your customers tools to refer their friends.

By following these three steps, a company will do more than get new customers. Studies show that customers who refer their friends to a particular company increase their loyalty to the company. So what is stopping you? Get reading and then get to work empowering your customers.

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