Beware of the Bad Guys

All About Brand

What is Your Brand?

Your brand is your customers’ perception of you. This means that everything your company does and says in front of its customers affects your brand. Scary? It should be, at least a little. Your brand is volatile, which means that there is no rest for a true brand manager. How a company manages its brand sets it apart from all of the other little guys.

What is Not Your Brand?

Your brand is not your company’s logo. Your brand is not your company’s colors. In fact, your brand is not even the tagline that you have at the bottom of your business card. While all of these are factors in your brand, it is your customers’ perception of you that is your brand. Be careful to avoid throwing all of your resources into one of these branding influencers, walking away believing that you have branded your company.

Real Marketing is Measurable

Real marketing must be measurable. If you spend $1,000 putting your logo on 250 golf balls, you better expect to make at least $1,001 back. While you may not be able to measure your brand, you can measure these actions that may or may not improve your brand. Companies that do not measure their marketing costs repeatedly run marketing campaigns that carry a negative return on investment.

Beware of the Bad Guys

Who are the bad guys? The bad guys are the agencies trying to sell you a branding service that focuses on aspects of branding, but fail to measure results. These so-called branding experts run TV campaigns, put logos on T-shirts, build Facebook followings, and print white pages, but they do not provide a means to measure results.

A Local Pest Control Company

A local pest control company was hoping to improve their brand, so they hired some of these guys to run a TV commercial campaign. The assumed experts ran the campaign, and they told the pest control company to expect a general increase in sales during the next month. Had these been true experts, they would have tracked phone calls from the ad, created a specific Internet landing page for visitors who saw the ad, and tracked the pest control company’s return on investment.

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