A Passionate Donkey

Building a Passionate Organization
So, you have escaped the sea of Corporate America and are now an embedded member of the exciting world of small and medium size business executives. The perks are fantastic; company write-offs, your own hours, and you get to put something like CEO next to your name. You are just starting to see returns on your investments and you chuckle as your friends complain about another dull day at the office. Of course, you have also learned just how many demands a small business will make. And, unlike your 40 hour-a-week punch clock job, this budding enterprise is a 24-hour responsibility.  What keeps you going? Do you give it all you have got until you can pay off dad’s reluctant loan, or is there something else driving you?

When I started college, I quickly recognized that I would not be satisfied filling out paperwork for a 9 to 5 student job. I have a passion for people and a passion for order and organization. Looking out the window at my Ford F-150, I realized that I could haul people’s junk to the dump, helping them clean up their homes and yards. Business came right away, and I quickly discovered that my passions for organization and people meshed perfectly. Every time I approached a new job, I asked myself, “How am I changing this person’s life?” This encouraged me to allow my small business to adapt to customer requests that were not a part of my original business plan. Because I knew that I was fulfilling my passion, business thrived and I loved my job.

Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone recommends that we ‘look inside.’ Looking inside involves recognizing ones own passions and creating goals around those passions. Since successful companies are built around passionate founders, what passion is the center of your company? Fully understanding yourself will help you better understand your company. You will find that difficult strategic decisions become crystal clear when you understand the passion that started your organization.

Buridan’s donkey

A powerful proverb of a donkey that is stuck between two opportunities. Derek Sivers then shows how we can embrace difficult decisions, evaluate opportunities and tackle everything on our to-do list.

The Power of Less

Learn how Leo Babauta grew his blog following to over 200,000 as he prepared to release his book, The Power of Less. His untraditional methods include disconnecting from the Internet and working early in the morning while others are still asleep.

11-Point Facebook Checkup

You already check your Facebook Analytics and Wall daily to see if your investment in social media is actually working. You have also spent hard-earned money ensuring that your website is secure and navigable. Now, see how your Facebook page holds up against David Corr’s 11-Point Facebook security and usability checkup.

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